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Stay Polished all Summer Long with Eco Friendly Exfoliating Body Scrubs - No Micro Plastics

These deliciously scented exfoliating body scrubs leave your skin feeling fresh and looking dazzling. The exfoliating element is sugar that melts away. There are no nasty micro plastics to damage the environment.

But they’re not just for summer. Combat winter dryness as well by removing dead skin cells to make way for new glowing skin. The coconut oil and cocoa butter nourish for a smoother, softer and lightly fragranced skin.

They come in six delightful scents - Champagne & Strawberries, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Coconut & Lime, Pomegranate, Sweet Orange & Cassis and Tropical Tangerine.

And now with our storewide clearance of up to 60% off and free delivery in Australia during January, these quality products have just become very affordable.

Look and feel irresistible!

Warning: stocks are very low!

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