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Fair Trade | Faire Jewellery Collection from the Gift Shop

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Faire Collection is a social enterprise and member of the Fair Trade Federation that follows the principles of Fair Trade. Faire was founded in 2008 by Amanda Judge.

Whilst travelling through rural Ecuador she noticed the local artisans and the beautiful quality of their work and craftsmanship. Also seeing their poverty she started her enterprise with a mission to help these artisans work their way out of poverty. A few years later she expanded into northeastern Vietnam.

This stylish jewellery is designed in New York with each piece being hand made by the artisans from both countries using their locally sourced sustainable materials such as up-cycled bull horn, unusual native seeds, and sustainable wood.

Faire Collection’s mission is:

As a social enterprise, Faire Collection substantially reduces poverty in the disadvantaged communities where we work. We also inspire further positive change through our social programs, such as educational scholarships and no interest loans, which are funded through your purchase.

Faire Collection has an extensive impact on the lives of their artisans providing everything from no-interest loans, disaster assistance, training, mentoring and scholarship programs. The artisans are able to work less and earn more. Faire Collection is an excellent example of the positive force Fair Trade can be in artisan communities as a whole as much more than a fair wage.


We currently have a limited number of pieces available at a 30% discount. If you subscribe to our mailing list you will receive a further 10% discount. Just enter the code at the checkout.

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