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Passionfruit | Plant Nursery

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Passionfruit vines are one of the most bountiful backyard crops, which is probably why they have a short lifespan usually ranging between six to seven years. A good strategy is to plant a new passionfruit every five to six years while the old one is on its way out.

Though hardy when established, passionfruit are best suited to tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. Some can be very successful in cooler regions as long as they are well protected. One thing they do not like is severe frost. If your area is prone to severe frosts then unfortunately they are not suitable. Even grafted passionfruit won’t survive the harshest of frosts, killing the top of the plant and leaving the invasive rootstock to takeover everything. Thankfully, passionfruit do very well in most suburban areas in Melbourne.

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