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Tomato Seedlings | Plant Nursery

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Even if you don’t grow any other edible plant grow a tomato. Like most edibles, home grown tomatoes are so much better than store brought ones.

They are easy to grow and you can even grow them in pots on your veranda, balcony or patio. Lack of space is not an issue.

If you live in a frost free warm area they can planted all year round. In temperate zones plant from August to November. In cool areas plant when the soil is warming up from about mid or late September to November.

Tomatoes have two types of growth habits. Determinant are the bushy type that grow to about 50cm high and flower and fruit at the same time. This means you have to pretty much use them all at once, so they are great for pickles, relishes and sauces.

Indeterminate tomatoes are tall growing vine type plants. These flower and fruit throughout the season so you can harvest as required while getting an extended cropping period.

The bushy determinant types don’t need staking but the indeterminate vines will need staking as they get taller.

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